The Terms Of Vaping Advocacy

There are two streams of vaping advocacy in the United States: national and state-wide. Vape companies like Vapor DNA promote the right to vape on their websites. What is the “right to vape” movement all about?

Support for Vaping

Right to be Smoke Free is an organization devoted to helping smokers give up cigarettes by giving them access to vaping instead. They, along with the American Vaping Association and private businesses, have teamed up to fund lobbying and education that they hope will cause government agencies and consumers to think favorably about vaping and continue providing research into e cigs and e juice.

The AVA (American Vaping Association) got started in 2014 as a way to provide individuals with a single voice in order to influence regulations they knew would be coming. FDA applications have caused financial hardship to many companies around the country. Non-profit organizations hope to backup their beliefs with scientific findings. Their funding supports organizations at all levels to promote vaping and seek support for adults who smoke and want to stop; for ex-smokers who wish to continue using e cigs, eGos, and box mods.

Who Runs AVA?

AVA members are professional lawyers and lobbyists. They don’t want to cut corners or promote vaping among children. With smart advertising and education, this organization hopes non-vapers around the United States will stop viewing e cigs with suspicion. They also hope to overturn recent FDA legislation. The AVA isn’t a trade organization but is sponsored by vape vendors like NicQuid, AltSmoke, and Pure Cig.

Vaping in California

The CSFO is California’s own Smoke Free organization (CSFO). Many states have their own. Aims include running fundraisers and events to raise awareness about the realities of vaping, overcoming stereotypes, and dispelling myths about e cigs.

Online Fundraising Campaign

Finding out who has donated and how much is as easy as looking up the AVA campaign where Rip Trippers posted a video. Here, Vapor DNA appears at the top among donors (so far), roughly $1,000 of the nearest competitor One Hit Wonder e liquid. So far, more than $200,000 has been raised.