A Quick History Of Vaping

Vaping history is just about a decade old and already maximum wattage is now over 200W. What happened in those few years? E cigs and vaping took off like a rocket. Electronic cigarettes evolved from small tubes to little boxes that do the same thing only better.


At first, the idea was to encourage cigarette smokers to feel comfortable holding an e-cig instead, so designers created look-alikes. The first disposables resembled regular white and tan cigarettes and they lit up at the bottom. A small bulb would come alive when the customer puffed, the way burning embers light up on cigarettes. Batteries of similar size to analogs, however, lasted just a couple of hours and produced very little vapor.


Within a couple of years, cells improved. They remained the same size but were capable of more power. Furthermore, bigger batteries known as “eGos” quickly followed mini cigs. Both of them added more power, a longer-lasting charge, and bigger vapor.

E Juice

After pre-filled cartridges became familiar, customers also realized they were expensive. You can still get them, and many people like their convenient format, but blanks were soon released so that vapers could buy e liquid and refill cartridges themselves. This brought the cost of e liquid from about $2 to $3 per ml down to less than $1.

Atomizers and Cartridges

Vape manufacturers also combined cartridges with atomizers. This reduced the work of re-assembling an e cig when the battery was being charged, the pre-filled cartridge had to be replaced, and the atomizer was taken out to either replace or re-attach to the whole thing. With a pre-attached atomizer, consumers stopped over-working the coils, instead replacing them before they burned out.


Power grew and risks of using mods increased. Venting had to be introduced into vape mods fairly early on to prevent overheating. There needed to be ways of preventing battery abuse because irresponsible consumers were putting themselves and others at risk with exploding, over-taxed cells. New chipsets were introduced which ensured a device would not become too hot. Temperature Control has been a feature of the best box mods ever since.