Popular Mod Design And E Juice Trends

When discussing trends in the e-cig industry, you have to look at both hardware and e-liquid. Each area is subject to fashions and new developments. Technology impacts possibilities in vape mod development. E juice is influenced by favored flavors in other areas of life such as desserts, candies, and drinks.

Mod Designs

All-in-one e cigs are favored by a lot of people, even at the higher end. They contain rebuildable atomizer tanks with replaceable coils but also offer high-level performance. While the device is bigger than a device on its own should be at a certain level of power output and battery size, it is smaller than a mod plus a tank. Moreover, the tank is protected against breakage because it is contained within the frame of a mod. This means consumers can put their mod together before going out and, with updated anti-leak technology, they will not drip e juice along the way. Before, these two items could not be combined and tucked into a pocket safely.

Certain designs go halfway towards the all-in-one format. They feature a protective edge which sits against the tank or a console the tank slips into. Again, the objective is to protect a mod but this also encourages consumers to utilize starter sets rather than building their own bundles.

Many mods feature Bluetooth connectivity. SMOK has been in favor of this style for a long time. Bluetooth connection allows consumers to use a smartphone in order to control a machine and to read data. Another popular feature is the smartphone mod which looks like a handheld phone and features a touchscreen.

E-juice Preferences

Some of the most popular e-liquids are nostalgic flavors relating to cereals from Saturday mornings when vapers were young boys and girls. They taste like fruit, cinnamon, or chocolate-flavored cereals shaped like plants and geometric shapes. Candy is also popular.

Another trend is to make e juice flavors from natural extracts and organic ingredients. The goal here is to create natural, safe products. If the non-vaping world objects to unnatural flavor extracts, they can’t say anything about e-juice made from natural flavorings.