Satisfying Vape Shopping with Vapor DNA Coupons

Shop at their store or visit them online, but Vapor DNA is sure you will be satisfied either way. They supply a huge range of products for vapers who don’t need training wheels anymore plus a few devices that are super-easy to use.

There are a few simple items like the MyJet and some eGos, but no mini cigs. Top names supply Variable Watt and Temp Control units in numerous styles, at assorted power levels, and various price points.

Famous Features of Vapor DNA

BizRate awarded Vapor DNA a distinction no other vape store can boast: an award of excellence supplied to many types of online companies in assorted industries. This is only given to companies that do more than customers expect in order to satisfy them and build trust. BizRate gave the company this award based on scores according 7 rating criteria and more than 10,000 reviews from clients. Since BizRate is an independent group, you know their report is authentic. BizRate carefully assesses companies based on the POS experience, customer service, and other characteristics of the shopping experience. Click the link supplied on the bottom of Vapor DNA’s landing page for more information.

Established, Organized

Vapor DNA also benefits from a long-standing reputation. They launched their business in 2013, carrying numerous brands and styles. As these have advanced and changed, so has the catalog. Headings lead to sub-headings so customers can fine tune their search for products.

Look for Devices and find Ultra Portable Systems, High End Vaporizers, or Box Mods. Choose Tanks and narrow your search to Sub-Ohm Tanks or Clapton Coils. If you are still not sure what to buy, contact the store by email, phone, or drop by the Torrance location in California.

Prices for the Masses

Vapor DNA seeks to supply consumers with the best prices available in every instance. Items are always authentic — no clones are permitted to cross their desk. Prices come with customer service at no extra cost. Shipping is only free if orders exceed $49: not a high threshold and easy to attain. Brands favored by this California vape store are good but affordable. They include SMY, Council of Vapor, Vaporesso, Wismec, and Teslacigs.

Weekly Information

Signing up for the newsletter, which arrives weekly, is an easy way to save money besides using a Vapor DNA coupon code or exploring promo codes for deals . As a subscriber, you will also receive bulletins about new products, flash sales, and promotions. Even though Vapor DNA needs your email details to get started with this, and you share personal information when you buy stuff online, the company promises to protect this information with McAfee protection and an SSL certificate.

Project Sub Ohm

Their BizRate award is something to smile about and helps shoppers to define what makes Vapor DNA different from the rest. Another defining element is Project Sub Ohm, but it’s a confusing feature. Is it this a pro or a con? Consumers who try these products are satisfied overall, but there is not enough detail. What is it? Who is behind Project Sub Ohm? How are these items different from other sub ohm products? How come they cost so much? If Vapor DNA provided more detail, that would be helpful.

Why Shop Here?

Vapor DNA supplies a lot of reasons to choose them as a retailer instead of the competition. There are the reputable brands and wide assortment of them. Many styles and power levels are represented here and items are always on-point with the latest trends.

Customers are treated considerately, and you don’t have to take their word for it: BizRate agrees. Pricing is in line with competitive rates and it’s not hard to arrange a big enough order to qualify for free shipping. The firm provides many additional ways to save money besides everyday prices and their choice of affordable gear. When customers shop at Vapor DNA, they are supporting an American business too.

How to Save Money at Vapor DNA


Apart from everyday affordability, Vapor DNA wants to give their customers other ways to save money when they buy vaping equipment. Even though it’s cheaper than smoking, vaping can become an expensive hobby with all of the gourmet brands of e liquid and examples of high-end equipment out there.

How can a consumer continue this hobby without stealing from vacation savings to do it? That is an easy question to answer when you shop with Vapor DNA of Torrance, California.

Vapor DNA Coupon Code

A lot of customers forget about or have never heard of coupon codes. They are listed on special websites which highlight potential savings in the vaping industry. As you peruse assorted possibilities, discover several companies are promoted here.

When you pick Vapor DNA, this will lead shoppers to deals like “Save 10% Storewide” or a special rate for just one product. Deals are added and removed throughout the year to line up with holidays, new-product launches, and times of warehouse clearance. Generally, promotional sites only take you to promos already on the Vapor DNA online store rather than giving readers additional ways to save. Promo codes are easier to find using this route.

Sign Up for a Newsletter

Take time to fill out the form which will put you on the newsletter e-list. When you do this, the first order you place right afterwards will be discounted by 10%. The landing page does not say if you need to spend $100 or $75 or if there is a minimum amount, but 10% is nothing to sniff at.

The newsletter is a gem of information in its own right. Use it to find out about upcoming deals and to plan future choices. Learn about short-term sales the general customer would not know about unless he stumbled upon Vapor DNA at just the right time.

Clearance Items Online

The sale section is divided into two parts: E Liquid Clearance and Hardware Clearance. Select your category and explore deals. Vapor DNA tells you the list price, their price, and follows both numbers with a figure in red: the sale price. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the list price; what does that mean exactly? Is it the retail figure? Well, you are online so that does not mean a thing. Compare the clearance price with Vapor DNA’s usual figure in order to determine real savings. A Horizon Phantom Tank was featured there when I looked recently and the deal was considerable: $37.99 down to $24.99 for a great, unusual tank that simply is not that popular.

There is no need for suspicion when an item is listed here. The sad fact is that warehouses, even huge ones, run out of room. A company can’t stock everything while waiting for the day when items will finally sell out. They have to make room for additions to stock which come in regularly. Clearing out the iJust by Eleaf is merely an act of efficiency, not a sign of product deficiency.

Other Ways to Save at Vapor DNA

It is a simple fact that when you purchase cheap goods, they do not last. Order no-name or little-known brands at three-quarters or half the price of the most affordable gear listed here, and it will stop working quickly. It’s more economical to work with a reputable firm to find reputable products, even if that means paying 25% more.

In the long run, customers save money. Even so, ask for items to be organized on the page from lowest to highest so you can easily determine which products are the most affordable for your budget. Judge by star ratings and comments by customers whether a tank, vape mod, or coil set is what you are looking for. The mere fact that you decided to use the internet to do your shopping suggests pricing will be competitive as internet costs tend to be lower than in-store prices in any industry.